الخميس، 15 أكتوبر، 2015

Yong Pal

Hello and welcome to another Medical Drama <3 br="" nbsp=""> i love medical dramas they are always the best, but i do believe that now not all of them are showing medical cases, you might watch an entire drama with 25 episodes in it but only 5 medical cases. and often they are the same especially a pregnant lady who's about to deliver in the middle of no where :P

but i still love them, yes it's not ER or House but they still full my love to Medical dramas

well this drama has an amazing start to it, i loved the beginning in which he helps gangesters for money, however this lovely beginning didn't last for long. i do feel like if they let it be longer it would've made this drama more appealing, i don't know i just wanted to see more of him helping bad people and going into the worst senarioes ever to get out of there, out of trouble. 

well since we're talking about the main actor in this drama ( Joo Won) i do admit that i love him so much and he's the reason i even started watching this drama. Yup. i've reached that point of just watching dramas that i love the actors in it :P just kidding i do watch other dramas as well they're also awesome. but i do love dramas by Joo Won i almost watched all his dramas even though a lot of  them i haven't finished Yet but maybe one day i will finish them its just i get busy and forget to finish the drama, that happened to me a lot recently even though i loved the dramas i just didn't finish them i still don't know why :( .

back to Yong Pal. the Drama is not bad but i do admit 18 episodes were too much for it. if they settled with 12 or 10 that was enough since they hadn't got a lot of events going on in the drama. as i said the drama started wonderfully but they quickly change it to rich girl in love with poor guy and they both have to escape from the curtail world of wealthy people but still she has to take her revenge !!! STOP THAT ALREADY.
the drama started amazingly why did u have to rowen it and make it like every other dramas out there !!!!????
did the writers rowen the drama ? Yes
did they made a really bad ending ? Yes
was the drama still good ? Yes
would i recommend it to a friend ? Yup

what i want to say is, be more creative and make something different, don't go to the old text book of how to make a popular drama by having a Hot couple in it and thats it. seriously we r not into that.

i just wish they didn't rowen it like that , but i do admit the last scene was AMAZING.

الثلاثاء، 8 سبتمبر، 2015

The Scorch Trials: Part 2 of the Maze Runner

YES it's coming, the movie is sooon to be released and i've just read the book so yeah come on i'm ready for you <3 p="">

if u have read my first post about the MAZE RUNNER you will know how much i fell in love with this book, i do admit that the movie wasn't enough it wasn't what i had expected and it didn't show enough to someone who hasn't read the book, yes sadly if you haven't read the first book and just watched the movie you won't understand that much of it and trust me u won't enjoy it as much.

what i love about movies is that they bring those characters that i fell in love with to life , yes the acting was amazing in the movie and all the effects were lovely, they truly did an amazing job in bring the Grievers to life,  but the book always win no matter what. u can't squeeze such amazing 300 or so pages into 2 hrs movie !! it just won't do. but never the less i still love the maze runner series.

before i talk about the 2nd book let's just talk about James Dashner way of writing , i love his style of writing cuz it's so simple and it's kinda like ur reading a movie script he really focuses on the action and the conversation a lot rather than writing 2 pages of how the character see the world and describing a place or something which i truly hate, thats what makes me still in love with his writings, they are very straight forward. u won't be bored with external things that won't bring anything to the story.

now i just finished the 2nd book the Scorch Trial, i'm not joking u won't be able to let go of the book for the first 30 chapters that's half of the book almost. i was travling for 2 days and i really didn't feel the time pass by. i was sooo into the story that my sister whom hasn't read the book yet was so annoyed of me yelling OMG OMG OMG !!! NOOO HOW WHY ?? OMG OMG U SHOULD READ THIS BOOK NOW, PLEASE LET ME TELL YOU WHAT HAPPEND , UR MISSING SO MUCH , HERE READ THE BOOK NOW .
yup it was that amazing <3 p="">
all the changes that happened so fast and the new world they discovered, more information about WICKED and stuff i can't speak about cuz i don't wanna ruin it for you but trust me on that please :P

but after 30th chapter or so the story didn't go as i expected it would , there were unnecessary events that i actually felt James Dashner was rushed to write it. for me i didn't like the 2nd half of the book. now i know why a lot of people criticised the 2nd book. however, after the 2nd movie hopefully i'll read the 3rd book and see if the story line will shift to a better ending.

thoughts on the movie, since i read the book i didn't want to watch the trailer but i was really curious of what changes they did to the book did they make it better or worst would it be missing a lot of scenes like the 1st one or not.
i watched 1 trailer and i'm truly scared, the trailer showed the beginning of the movie, it's not what i want T.T T.T ( T.T is sign of me crying )
but u never know until u watch the movie so let's pray its gonna be a good one.


الأربعاء، 15 يوليو، 2015

My Summer K-Drama list

Hello everyone it's been a while 
so summer is finally here YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY :)
this school year has been very tough, i was waiting for summer along time ago Al HamdAllah its finally here 
so what i wanna do for summer ?
i had a HUGE to do list for summer but so far i've been watching K-Drama and One piece non stop,
well actually i did stop a little switching between them.
ok so i've seen some really good K-Drama so far but i'm still waiting for Liar Game season 2 
please hurry up T.T ( balli choseyoooooo T.T)

1. What Happened to My Family 

now this drama is a very loooooooooooooong drama but the story is amazing, even when it ended i wanted more and really thinking of watching it again 

i felt that the story is really realistic its like every family and i always love dramas with big families in them they are always fun to watch 

when sibling fight with each other non stop but when a stranger start a fight with one of them they all turn into 1 and support each other 

so yeah i highly recommend this drama it was truly lovely 

2. My Unfortunate Boyfriend 

now i have to say i didn't complete the up coming 2 dramas i'm still watching them but up till now it's been really good 

i would give this drama a 3-5 kinda low but what i love about it is that its the kind of drama that you can pause and watch it like a month later and you won't miss anything 

it was kinda a "Tagzora " drama but i liked it 

3. Divorce Lawyer In Love 

now this drama is truly amazing i loved it its soo funny the beginning was nice and lovely but now i feel it becoming more boring and just the regular old romantic story 
however i really loved the beginning and waiting to see what happens next 

that is it i have to say i've been waiting for some more action and original dramas for this summer but up till now i didn't hear about really fascinating ones this summer 
if you saw or are watching a good drama please recommend them for me in the comment box below 

thank you and i'll see you later 

الأحد، 15 فبراير، 2015

Liar Game

" Never Trust Anyone "

story : shouldn't be told 
cast : Shin Sung Rok, i will forever be your fan 
number of episodes: 12
time required to finish it : 3 days
time you want to spend watching it : FOREVER

again the big industry of Korean Drama is Wowing me with an amazing, mind blowing Drama 

Liar game 

الأحد، 14 سبتمبر، 2014

It's Ok, that's Love

Hello everybody and welcome again to another k-Drama review
and yes this is the 4th K-Drama i've seen this summer only cuz i really love one of the actors, and in this one, D.O from EXO is in it and i have to say i loved his character and he really did well considering it's his first time acting, good job D.O, you really did well.

warning this post may contain some spoilers 

first yes i do not love melodrama kid of K-Drama but i really loved the idea of this one ( is it even considered a melodrama? i think so !!! ) whatever too much love scenes in this one.

love the story but i hate it when the couple in a drama keeps fighting and getting back together 4 times in 1 episode, chencha what's wrong with you people, just stop it.

my sister told me that the actress ( Gong Hyo Jin ) was really funny in the master's sun, well she's good cuz i totally hated her character in this drama, i haven't saw the master's sun yet but if she is truly funny in that one then she is a good actress. why i hate her character in this drama? well, her character is soooo selfish and really self-centered, she blamed her mom for cheating on her dad yet she's the one who called the guy with whom her mom cheated and asked him to get back with her mom when they broke off just so she could get some money from him for her medical school ( she comes from a poor family and her father is suffering from a disease i'm sorry i don't know what is it exactly( in the drama)). and she gets freaked out from skin-ship and hate to get on a relationship just cuz she saw her mom cheating when she was little. well i don't buy it cuz her sister was there too and she's totally fine, married, and have a wonderful kid. so yeah i really hated her character in this drama. 

moving to the lead male actor (played by Jo In Sung) i actually loved his character he was waaay too good for her. and even though he was suffering from a mental disease i thought it wasn't a really bad one. so what he sees a kid who doesn't exist at least he's taking out all the guilt he has toward his brother on an imagenary person and kida consult himself ( can you guess who's the kid he's imaging ??? who played the role ?? )

next really quickly another male character played by the one and only Lee Kwang Soo . 
1. yes i hate the fact that he always cheats on running man
2. even though he really notice things very quickly ma sha allah
3. but i really admit that he is an amazing actor, really really really good, he totally deserve to be the main character in a drama
4. he plays the role of a psychiatric patient and he does it well *thumps up* 

last thing i wanna mention is the OSTs of this drama 
this is the first time ever that i love all, really all the OSTs in this drama.
my Fav were Hero and i feel you ( also loved chen's )

i give this drama 3.5/5

yes this post has some kid of spoilers but i didn't completely burned it up to you. so give the drama a try and tell me truly what you think.

الأحد، 7 سبتمبر، 2014

King of High School

Hello and welcome back to another K-Drama 
i've been watching it with flower grandpa investigation team and it's a really short (17 episodes) amazing drama and just as funny as the other.

and yeah i have a similar reason for watching it ,,, well Seo In Guk is in it ^.^ i really liked him after reply 1997 he was awesome in it.

i loved all the characters and they really acted well it wasn't so cheesy like FGIT but it was as funny and i think it is a bit more funnier :P 

the story in short is about a high school student whose brother ( his Hyung) calls him one day to take his place at his job in a big company,( they look extactly the same : a little spoiler Seo In Guk acted both rules ) and so he does as a favor for his brother and let say it gets nasty after that :P it get more complicated as more people find out about him. 

i really liked the lead actress ( Lee Ha Na) in this drama she was soo funny and truly acted well, or that might have been her real personality :P 

his 2 friends were also amazing so fuuny and i really loved the part when they find out about "why he was skipping classes?" and acted along with him as big CEOs for some big companies, that was really funny. them not knowing what exactly to do and all they cared about was getting the numbers of the girls with them, in this case really much older females ( Nonas)  :P

the drama was good, amazing but i do have 1 thing that i didn't like at all 
the last episode had no meaning in it, they should have stopped after the first half of episode 16.
i don't know if other people liked that episode, but for me i kida totally hated it. 
i hate it when they ruin the drama in the last episode :(

but it was a really nice drama hope you give it a try *thumps up*

السبت، 30 أغسطس، 2014

Flower Grandpa Investigative Team

before we start i do admit that i only saw the drama cuz Kim Heechul is in it :P

if your looking for a highly well acted drama full with amazing action and great sense of mistory, you're watching the wrong drama :P
it's really cheesy it's not a hollywood kinda of movie, and if u think it would be like iris then just watch iris cuz this drama is soo funny and i think they made it in a way to be like that, funny fast only 12 episodes and cheesy really cheesy made. but i truly liked it so much. 
and yeah kim heechul rock that drama :P 

the story in short is about a team of amazingly talented young men and 1 woman who joins together in a police department to solve the mistory of 1 case that would be the start of their miserable life :P joking just the start of the drama. 
you can see the poster has the pic of 3 old men, then where are the young men i just mentioned, well think again :P hint : that's the mistory in this drama ;)

all the actors and characters are amazing in this drama, me , hated nobody.
not giving a rate for this drama cuz it so cheesy and funny loved and hated it at the same time ;P
give it a try and hope you enjoy it ;)