الخميس، 15 أكتوبر، 2015

Yong Pal

Hello and welcome to another Medical Drama <3 br="" nbsp=""> i love medical dramas they are always the best, but i do believe that now not all of them are showing medical cases, you might watch an entire drama with 25 episodes in it but only 5 medical cases. and often they are the same especially a pregnant lady who's about to deliver in the middle of no where :P

but i still love them, yes it's not ER or House but they still full my love to Medical dramas

well this drama has an amazing start to it, i loved the beginning in which he helps gangesters for money, however this lovely beginning didn't last for long. i do feel like if they let it be longer it would've made this drama more appealing, i don't know i just wanted to see more of him helping bad people and going into the worst senarioes ever to get out of there, out of trouble. 

well since we're talking about the main actor in this drama ( Joo Won) i do admit that i love him so much and he's the reason i even started watching this drama. Yup. i've reached that point of just watching dramas that i love the actors in it :P just kidding i do watch other dramas as well they're also awesome. but i do love dramas by Joo Won i almost watched all his dramas even though a lot of  them i haven't finished Yet but maybe one day i will finish them its just i get busy and forget to finish the drama, that happened to me a lot recently even though i loved the dramas i just didn't finish them i still don't know why :( .

back to Yong Pal. the Drama is not bad but i do admit 18 episodes were too much for it. if they settled with 12 or 10 that was enough since they hadn't got a lot of events going on in the drama. as i said the drama started wonderfully but they quickly change it to rich girl in love with poor guy and they both have to escape from the curtail world of wealthy people but still she has to take her revenge !!! STOP THAT ALREADY.
the drama started amazingly why did u have to rowen it and make it like every other dramas out there !!!!????
did the writers rowen the drama ? Yes
did they made a really bad ending ? Yes
was the drama still good ? Yes
would i recommend it to a friend ? Yup

what i want to say is, be more creative and make something different, don't go to the old text book of how to make a popular drama by having a Hot couple in it and thats it. seriously we r not into that.

i just wish they didn't rowen it like that , but i do admit the last scene was AMAZING.

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